An Idea to Fruition


Bhas was well aware of the urban streetwear industry from his early days of being involved with Fitted Hawaii. From there he took his talents back to his hometown, the Bay Area. Being a lover of streetwear and urban art himself, he had his hand in numerous local brands – but deep down he dreamt of pursuing his own. Eventually, after many brainstorm sessions, he decided to get to the grind and chase those dreams of having his own brand. Through a lot of trial and error and the help of family, friends and supporters Dream On has grown to celebrate 5 years of existence. Being able to look back at the journey and bring those ideas to life and in hand, is an exciting milestone for us to celebrate. A five piece capsule has been released to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Dream On. Cheers to five years and still dreaming…

The World is Better When You Dream

    5till Dreaming

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