Dream On was conceptualized years before actually launching in October 2017. Prior to October 2017, the actual planning, designing and commitment to the dream, took 8 months. The aim of Dream On is to inspire those, no matter age, race, sex or religion, to believe, work hard and to always follow their dreams. 

Why the Hot Air Balloon as the logo:

Dreaming of a ride in a hot air balloon is a symbol of freedom and excitement. As with all transportation dreams, this indicates something about your experience of working towards your goals/dreams and traveling on your personal journey. However, a hot air balloon is an unusual and unconventional mode of travel. Unusual and unconventional meaning, nothing about following your dreams is easy, there will be highs and lows along the journey, doubters, haters and naysayers and at times you might need to step back, re-evaluate and take a detour route, you might need to get a 9-5 and then bust your ass from 6pm-3am to make things happen. Everyone's road/journey to their dreams is different but that's what makes it unique and special. Embrace the struggle, trust the process as they say and Dream On.