I have a new found love and appreciation for this game of golf. I used to think it was boring as shit haha. But because of the pandemic and everything been shut down in 2020, I was able to hoop, let alone hood with friends, go to the gym, etc. It seemed like the only thing open were driving ranges and golf courses. So last year on Father’s Day, my son, my dad and myself to the driving range and from there, the golf bug bit me. I was playing rounds of golf at least once a month and trying to hit the driving range if I couldn’t get a round in. My goal was and still is to break 100 and shoot consistently in the mid 90s. Easier said than done haha. Golf needs to be more inclusive but I’m starting to see it happened, seen different types of cool golf brands dedicated to the “non traditional” golf type. It’s pretty dope to see. But with all that said, I had this simple design done last August but was waiting for the perfect time to drop. What better time to drop than the games most celebrated tournament, Masters Weekend! 

This is a preorder and will end once the final putt goes in Sunday 4/11. 

To preorder the crewneck, click here

To preorder the tees, click here

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