Growing up in the city, I didn’t really appreciate certain things about the city until I left for college. I guess I just figured it’s always going to be there. Visiting home for the holidays or for summer, you start to appreciate those things a little more and one of those things, was that infamous Coke sign downtown SF. It was like a “Welcome to San Francisco” sign every time you were getting of the Bay Bridge and headed into the city and it served as the “Come back soon!” sign every time you left. 
After being up for the last 83yrs, the sign was taken down last week and for whatever the real reason maybe, it’s symbolic (to me at least), symbolic in the way how real SF natives are/were being pushed and priced out of the city. But thats a story we can get into another day. 
But for all my SF natives, whether you’re lucky enough to still be living in the city or you picked up and planted roots somewhere else and those who just have love for the city, this is for all of you. Making these available today at 3pm until Wednesday 9pm.
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