As the week comes to an end, I tend to take some time to reflect on the path/journey one takes to follow their dreams, achieve their goals. Some have school and pursue on their spare time, some have regular 9 to 5 type jobs (me) and use any extra time they may have to get whatever it is that needs to get done and some are able to go all in on their dreams. One isn’t necessarily better than the next, it’s all on the individual and what works best for them. I’ve had the fortune of meeting a lot of good people along the way who have showed me nothing but love and support. I have also encountered ones who didn’t/don’t and I’ve been telling myself, that, that is ok as well. Not everyone is going to like what I’m doing, designs, message wise etc. But, if I stay true to what and how I see my brand, to stay true to the vision of my brand, that is all that matters. I appreciate each and everyone one of you that has been rocked with me and shown your support, especially since Day 1. I’m in it for the long haul. 📸

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