Onward and Upward!

"Dream Big, Dream Hard, Dream On" was written in the first blog for Dream On just over 4 years ago. Looking back there has been so much growth over the past 4 years, yet there is so much more that can be done. Sebastian, also known as Bhas or previously Bobby Filipino, has been a one man team running the entire brand all while working full time and being a family man. Bhas has accomplished so much for the brand in just 4.5 years, but with some help with behind-the-scenes, Bhas can focus on taking on new challenges to expand Dream On (more on Bhas in a later post). 

With Sean and I (Nea) officially on board for Dream On, we hope to help Bhas reach his dreams of Dream On. Dream On's mission to inspire others, embrace the struggle and trust the process is one we align with and believe is universal. Through these blog posts we hope to share the journey of Dream On, the stories of designs and the stories of people chasing their dreams.

The brand would not be where it is today without all the support you all have given and a huge thank you to everyone that continues to rock with us. This year is monumental as the brand approaches its 5 year anniversary. Leading up to this we've got an eventful year full of stories, designs, collabs and pop ups in store.

2022 is the year we do it big and take Dream On to new heights. Onward and upwards.

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