So, this past couple months, I feel like I slowed down a bit from releasing some product, the brand turned one in October and I had plans to do a pop up, have a booth at some of the events going on in San Francisco, just a bunch of stuff planned. But of course, none of the plans really came into fruition but for good reason(s), first, I got a promotion at work (my day job) which was came with a totally different territory and schedule, so that in itself was an adjustment along with balancing family life and Dream On but I've been wanting and waiting for this promotion and God blessed me with the opportunity so I will figure it out. And the second reason, being the most important and even a bigger blessing, was the birth of me and my wife's, daughter! The adjustment to having two kids is REAL! Me and wifey have to play man to man defense now rather than just double teaming one kid haha. But I am not complaining, I am loving being a family of four, love my two kids, love my life God has blessed me with. I just wanted to share what has been going on with me in my world the last couple months but its back to grind time for me! Working on putting out product consistently again and looking forward to year 2 of the brand and everything that lays ahead! 

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