Even if you're not a fan of either Jerry Lorenzo (Fear of God) or John Mayer, I still suggest folks to watch this video that Complex shot. Hearing their own trials and tribulations about certain things, puts them on level with the "normal, everyday person." At least that is how I took it. But one thing I did want to highlight, was at the 16:50 mark, Jerry talks about trying to balance work and family and thinking he was putting God first, he just became so depleted. 

"I don't want to have to get depleted to do what I think is great..." The reason why that stuck out so much to me in the 32min video, is because I feel like I am in the same boat, not doing a collab with Nike (maybe one day), but as far as balancing work and family, putting so much of myself into building Dream On, while making sure I am being the best father I can be to my kids, making sure I am being the best husband I can be to my wife and while having a full time sales job. In no way shape or form am I complaining, but it is a lot. And I can relate to feeling empty or exhausted but I just need to adjust, find a new rhythm that works for me and I will. 

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