The world has lost a legend today. I, like countless others, had my childhood filled with super hero comics, toys and cartoons, more specifically X-Men and Spider Man. If I got a good score on a test or report card, my mom would take me to the comic store to get a new comic. I remember waking up on a Saturday morning and watching the first ever X-Men cartoon/episode where they killed off Morph and then brought him back to life but he was bad. I was on some real, for lack of a better term, nerd shit haha. I would play Super Heroes with my cousins, found a trench coat and I would pretend to be Gambit from X-Men. To this day, my favorite character in the Marvel Universe. Needless to say, Stan Lee’s creation had a huge part in my childhood, so once I became a parent, I would strategically place sports stuff and Marvel stuff in front of my son, hoping he would take to it. My first born, loves, I mean LOVES his super heroes, from Captain America to Spider Man to Black Panther..he really loves them all. I to this day, still enjoy all the new Marvel movies that come out and can’t wait until he’s old enough where we can watch them together. It’s another father and son thing we get to do. I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you, Stan Lee, for sparking my imagination as a child, for sparking the imagination of my son and for bringing joy to countless others around the world. Rest In Peace. Excelsior!

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