This design drew inspiration from collegiate style crewnecks and tees. More specifically, the two color ways were inspired by the 1997 University of Arizona Wildcats basketball team that won the National Championship. That team featured, Jason Terry, Miles Simon and Mike Bibby. The Kelly Green & Orange color way is a personal favorite and is a tribute if you will, to the University of Miami Hurricanes football team that produced so many pros, and an all time favorite RB of mine, Frank Gore. It also drew inspiration from the old University of Hawaii/AC Carter days when they were the Rainbows before they made the switch to the Warriors. 

Every University has a crest or a seal (or at least I think they do haha) with some sort of credo or pillars of what’s it important to the university, it’s foundation basically. Well, I wanted to do the same and design a crest the Hot Air Balloon logo, the Island Savvy all over print and Chase The Dreamer which all serve as important images to the brand. 

This capsule is available for preorder Tuesday 9/1 until Friday 9/4. 

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And once again, THANK YOU for all the continued support! 

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