“If it weren’t for the dark days, we wouldn’t know what it is to walk in the light.” - Earl Campbell.

Dark days...we all have them, some more than others. Those days can consume us to the point of no end. We could probably throw in the towel, walk away, or just plain call it quits. Quitting would probably be the easiest thing to do.
But then we realize we aren’t alone. We have an army of people behind us, rooting for us to win, doing what they can to help us attain our dreams. 
And with that support, we continue to push through. We grind day in and day out. We start believing and we start doing.
The “Dark Days” Collection is my thanks to the people far and wide that have supported me through the dark days of starting a brand. Whether it was a mention, a purchase or a “you got it, keep going,” I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the support. Your support allows me to build this brand for all the dreamers out there, especially myself.
To my fellow dreamers, don’t stop. The dark days will be tough and you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel immediately, but just keep pushing through. Keep taking steps forward to get yourself out of the dark days, and I promise you, it’ll be all worth it.

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