Tomorrow marks 2 years since releasing the first ever #DreamOn piece, the Rosé hoodie (10/12/2017), so I consider Oct. 12th the brands anniversary date.

For the two year anniversary, I want to introduce you to, “Chase The Dreamer,” the mascot with its own story that plays into the brand’s message. Rosé colored house slippers (to tie back to our first release), a matching night cap and the look of a person with the drive to wake up and get after his or her dreams...Chase represents the dreamer in all of us. I hope Chase can inspire you, your kids and everyone around you to go after your dreams. After all, this brand started as a dream and is becoming my reality, thanks to all of you who shown me nothing but love and support. This brand was started by a dreamer and will always be #ForTheDreamers. #ChaseTheDreamer

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