I can’t lie, I’ve been working on this for a while now and I am excited to finally release my first real cut and sew collection. What’s with the name, Island Savvy? At first, I couldn’t think of a good, solid name for the collection, but Island Savvy, always stuck out. Quick back story, when I was living back in Honolulu, my boy Kaiser and I wanted to start a blog on streetwear/street style in Honolulu and feature different elements of how people living there rocked certain things or how they got certain (out)fits off. Nothing really became of the blog but that name always stuck with me. 

So, about the collection, like I said above, I’m excited to release my first real cut and sew pieces which are,
-coated, nylon-feel, polyester jacket/windbreaker
-4 way polyester stretch shorts/button up
 I believe that this is the perfect set for the Summer, whether or not you decide to wear each piece by itself or if you want to be bold and wear all three pieces together. If worn by itself, each piece can either start your outfit or complete/finish it off. You can be versatile with it, whether you’re at some beach or resort or if you’re in the streets of the city, you can’t go wrong. For more images, be sure to follow my Instagram.
To purchase the jacket, click here
To purchase the button up, click here
To purchase the shorts, click here


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