20 years ago, it was the year 2000. There was the whole Y2K scare, I was in 8th grade getting ready for High School, the #1 song of 2000  was “Breathe" by Faith Hill and Oakland also was the host of NBA All Star Weekend, Jeff Hornacek was the 3pt Champ, Jason “White Chocolate” debuted the infamous elbow pass in the Rookie/Sophomore game and the most famous Dunk Contest featuring T-Mac, Stevie Franchise and of course Vince Carter, took place (Easily top 5 dunk contest of all time). The West beat the East, 137-126 while Shaq and Tim Duncan shared the MVP honors. So many iconic memories from that weekend. 
This release, as you can probably tell, is inspired by that weekend 20 years ago. I’m looking forward to when the league picks Chase Center/SF to host All Star Weekend. 
The Hoodies & Tees are available for preorder in 3 different colors while the shorts are only available in 2 colors.
Preorders will end Friday 2/21/20. 

To preorder the hoodies, click here
To preorder the tees, click here
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